16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home To Guarantee Mortgage-Free Future


If you want to live independently and not have to worry about paying the rent each month or the piles of money you have to put aside for the mortgage, the next project we’re about to showcase will surely inspire you. It’s not especially the DIY project itself, but the philosophy behind it, because the tiny home on wheels you can see in the pictures was completed by a 16 year-old boy. Austin Hay did not wish to be constrained by a mortgage or rent. So he did something not that many teens do: raised a house. He started out with a $2,000 trailer from a second-hand dealer and then gathered materials from recycling centers and scrap yards in his area of Sonoma County, California. To get a better picture, all of the doors and windows installed were salvaged goods. He had some help from friends or family, in the form of donations and workload from time to time. The tiny home resembles an RV, but the entire process is more close to building a house. The interior of the tiny home is comprised of a kitchen area with fridge, sink and stove, bathroom with shower, and a sleeping loft (situated over them), a composting toilet and even room for a desk. Browse through the images and feel inspired by this DIY project!








5 Responses to “16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home To Guarantee Mortgage-Free Future”

  1. Jerry says:

    Good job but be careful kid… Gubment’s gonna come start fining you because you want to live debt free and not play their games…

  2. na says:

    Fck the guberment and all its demoncrap lackeys who just pretend to represent republicanism and freedom. There has been no legitimate government in this country since the late 1800’s. Furthermore, can someone point out to me where in the federalist papers or constitution a supreme court was given authority to determine constitutional issues, because it does not define that in the constitution. They are just window dressing being used to further enslave the people on this planet to their ideas. Pagans all of them.

  3. Rebecca Spesard says:

    Please check out my daughters website, Tiny House Giant Journey. Jenna and Guillaume are traveling America in their Tiny House and blogging about it. They have been on the road for over 6 months now. They would love to hear from you and about your project. You sound awesome!!

  4. daisy tothill says:

    Brilliant!! I’m 33 and would love a little house like this but haven’t got around to it yet, inspirational kid!

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