18 Cool Makeshift Pools


A temporary swimming pool is a nice option for anyone who has only some limited space available in their backyard or don’t want to invest in a permanent one. Having a classical swimming pool requires a lot of money for maintenance, so a makeshift swimming pool is a more practical option. The great thing about these types of swimming pools is that they come in many kinds of shapes and sizes. Depending on your skills and the time you want to invest in the building of the pool, you can use a wide variety of materials. The following article features a set of creative and inspiring ideas for your own makeshift swimming pool, from backs of a car to container that have been transformed into pools. Still the easiest and most doable idea from the list seems to be the beer crate swimming pool, which is also one of our favorites from this cool list.


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  1. Nida Traywick says:

    Very insightful post. Thanks!

  2. Sleddog says:

    “Ewwww, Bath with friends…”

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