20 Disney-Inspired Pumpkins for Halloween


This next post is both for children and adults, as it features cute Disney themed decorations for Halloween found on Diply. On All Hallows’ Eve, the general tendency is to decorate the house in a spooky way, but no one said that there isn’t any room for cute decorations too. When talking about cuteness, what other option is there, than Disney themed decorations? So this year, when your children will tell you that they want pumpkins decorated with Disney characters, you will know how to make their wishes come true. There are different ways of creating the pumpkins. You can carve the shape of a Disney character right in the pumpkin, you can create a stencil and paint it or you can paint the character yourself. Choose the technique that suits you the most and don’t forget to involve your children too in the decorating process as they are going to love it! Look at all 20 Disney-Inspired Pumpkins..

1. Donald Duck

Disney-Inspired-Pumpkins-1 source

2. Cinderella (Disney Princess Carriage Pumpkin)

Disney-Inspired-Pumpkins-2 source


3. Minnie Mouse

Disney-Inspired-Pumpkins-3 source

4. Tinker Bell

Disney-Inspired-Pumpkins-4 source

5. Mickey Mouse

Disney-Inspired-Pumpkins-5 source

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