20 low to no cost DIY Garden Tools


Life is at a fast pace, any job is easier when you have the right tool. Read on for our list of the 25 best ideas for DIY garden tools.
Recycle a Milk Jug and Use it for multiple tools for your garden. Save both half-gallon and gallon sizes to create these easy tools. Starting your own seeds is the easiest way to cut your gardening costs to the bone. To save space, start seeds in shallow trays filled with potting soil, and then transplant the strongest seedlings to pots later on. To make free seed flats, cut off the bottom three inches of gallon milk jug and punch a few holes in the bottom with a nail. Fill with potting mix, and use a pencil to create two or three shallow for sowing. Then plant your seeds and follow the packet directions.

Mini greenhouse. During harsh winters, mini green houses can help protect you own personal greenhouses. Just cut the bottom off a gallon milk jug and, when a cold snap is in the forecast, place the jug over the plant. You can control the temperature by putting the cap on or taking it off. Just be sure to remove the cover on warm, to prevent your plants from getting dehydrated.

Flexible scoop. You can try this scoop from a half-gallon plastic milk jug. It’s great for potting soil in tight spaces. To craft it, make two horizontal cuts on the sides adjacent to the handle, and two forward-slanting diagonal cuts in the other sides.

Liquid fertilizer distribution system. Use plastic milk jugs to mix up liquid fertilizer, then punch a hole or two in the cap with a nail.

Protection plus. If you use a cold frame to extend your growing season, line the inside with plastic milk jugs filled with water. The water be warmed by the sun, and will help reduce temperature swings inside the cold frame. The result: a lower chance of frost damage at night and overheating during the day.

Recycle Towels, Table cloth, and Blankets
Never throw away a worn or damaged vinyl .There are just too many ways to put them to use.
Corral dirt. When digging a hole, spread an old tablecloth out nearby to keep your dirt from getting everywhere. You won’t waste top soil and you will keep your area clean.

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