This 23-Year-Old and His Dad Are Turning an Abandoned Home Depot Shed Into an Oversized Tiny Home

In a captivating venture documented on YouTube, 23-year-old Danner Cronise and his father have embarked on the ambitious task of transforming an abandoned Home Depot shed into a unique and expansive tiny home. The family purchased the $5,250 shed two decades ago for storage purposes on their 22-acre property in the hills of southern Tennessee. Originally intended as a temporary residence while building a new home, the shed became a neglected structure until Cronise’s father revisited the property in 2020.

Prompted by the need to “rescue the shed,” the father-son team committed to an extensive restoration journey. Chronicling their efforts on Cronise’s YouTube channel, which has nearly 35,000 subscribers, the restoration project unfolds in more than 30 videos capturing various stages of the shed’s transformation. The initial visit revealed challenges such as overgrowth and an unexpected encounter with a snake, but despite the obstacles, the duo remained resolute in salvaging the structure. The renovation commenced with the removal of the shed’s upper level to facilitate the rebuilding of the roof. Beyond the shed itself, the team dedicated significant effort to enhancing the 30-acre property, clearing land, cutting vines, and removing fallen trees.

Amidst this endeavour, Cronise, pursuing a computer engineering degree at the University of Alabama, found himself acquiring diverse skills, from using a chainsaw to mastering construction techniques. Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, he expressed how the project expanded his skill set beyond his initial interests in videography, technology, and programming. As he approaches graduation, Cronise’s journey exemplifies the fusion of personal growth and the preservation of a family’s unique and evolving living space.

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