25 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas


The best Christmas is always the creative and eco-friendly type. Cutting trees to place in your family’s living room is easily the worst frowned upon activity nowadays during the holidays. There are many interesting ideas out there that replace this old habit. DIY Christmas trees are gaining more ground in peoples’ holiday traditions worldwide. And it’s only your imagination that limits how amazing you want your Christmas to look and feel.
This method is highly recommended if you don’t have enough space to fit an actual Christmas tree. It’s also useful for low budgets; you can use stuff from your own home like pillows, egg cardboards, suitcases or even books. If you choose the DIY version, you can pick the color and texture you or your family most desire. Give it some beautiful decoration as well, and make it unique. Look for ideas from these examples in the photos. It will put your imagination to work and add more fun and excitement to your Christmas.







37 Responses to “25 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas”

  1. gladys says:

    Muy buenas ideas, y prácticas. Me gusto mucho!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie says:

    I really like the ones made of books! My next favs are those with the ornaments hanging from the ceiling in a tree shape.

  3. Martha says:

    I liked them all but especially the one with lights shaped as a tree in the wall.

  4. Debbie says:

    How do you make the ones that are the ornaments hanging from the ceiling?

  5. John says:

    Frowned upon? Old habit? Do you realize that some of us make their living off of this “frowned upon old habit?” Besides, ALL of the trees at our Christmas tree lots are not from the wild, but grown by my Dad and trimmed so they look better than those in the wild. It’s not like we just go out into the wild and ravage the land, cutting down every tree in sight! These are grown on a farm. And they aren’t going to be infested by insects. I admit, occasionally there are some bugs, but rarely. Please, don’t make real Christmas trees seem like such a bad thing when they are not! They make the whole house smell wonderful, not to mention looking better than any fake tree. I understand if one has very limited space, then an artificial tree is probably a good option. But there are small trees. Don’t discount real trees as a bad thing so quickly.

    • Elaine says:

      John, I was just going to write a note, saying exactly what you’ve already said. So many people have “gone crazy” on being environmentally friendly. Well, I will continue to decorate my home environment with a real tree for Christmas, helping people like your father, make a living. Love that pine smell!!

    • Kathy says:

      John…no worries here…it’s been a family tradition here for as long as I can remember to have a real tree. We usually cut our own when we can (from a tree farm). This has been a tradition in our family since my mom was a child in the 30’s. We do also have the DIY trees in our house (which my daughter did in her room and then in mine so our house “had the Christmas feeling, but our main tree is real and decorated with handmade things. Growing up when we went to my grandparents house there was always 2 real trees…one “main” one and one for the kids…and lastly, after having been exposed to real trees all my life, I agree that fake trees can never take the place of a real tree, even if you spray it with pine or put pine air freshners in it or on it…

    • Lacey says:

      John, I think you are right that the intro was a bit harsh. I think it is fantastic that you are in support of having a real Christmas tree. I think they are really beautiful and they do make the house smell wonderful. With that being said, there are people, like myself, that have allergies. I think some of these ideas are cute and are a good alternative for people that are allergic to trees. Merry Christmas and God bless.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you for the real trees! Nothing like the smell!

    • Tricia says:

      There are medical reasons people can’t have real trees and since I’m one person who has allergies to them, I think these DIY trees are great! I hate putting up the artificial tree because I love the real ones but I get rashes on my arms when I touch them when decorating and my breathing is sometimes effected when I smell the great fragrance. So, thank you for real trees but thanks even more for these ideas! Another great idea for a DIY is the outdoor spiral trees brought indoors and then decorate it with garland and some ornaments.

    • Jen says:

      John, I totally sympathize. These Christmas trees are really cute and great space savers for folks on the road or in small apartments or those with allergies or medical concerns like Tricia. God knows we had real, local, farm-grown trees for years until my dad’s allergies couldn’t take it anymore, then we bought the pre-cut ones to support the local boy scouts and put them on the front stoop but to make people feel bad for cutting down a living thing that was grown on a farm for that purpose??? what about the broccoli and spinach you vegetarians a PITA lovers eat??? feel bad for those poor veggies. How can you people call yourselves eco-friendly if you kill plants to eat them!!! It all sounds ridiculous.

      now go out an support your LOCAL FARMERS because without them you would only have CEMENT TREES!!

      as for our poor folks with medical concerns, looks like a great alternative for a festive Christmas, just don’t make the rest of us feel like horrible people.

    • Kayd says:

      John, I love real trees…always had them when I lived in NC Mountains & in Vermont…..but here in Apalachicola Florida….It’s just to hot….the real cut tree just does not last very long. Oh I still get a small live one….but decorate the whole house with these trees made of “stuff’. Thanks for being a grower of Christmas Trees!

    • Ryan says:

      John, if someone has a problem with buying a real tree because it ‘kills’ the tree, I always tell them to buy a living tree with root ball. After the holidays they can plant it in their yard and enjoy it for many years to come. My family did this several times and then would string lights on all our old Christmas trees in the yard. A great alternative for people who are concerned about killing trees, and still helps to support families like yours.

  6. Bev says:

    Those are creative ideas but they look awful.I’ll stick with the tree.Who are we suppose to pay attention to that don’t like real christmas trees? Thanks but NO THANKS.

  7. dede says:

    I thought some of these were rather interesting, I really liked the one 3rd from the bottom. I wish I had seen this last year and the year before when I didnt even have room for a 3 foot table top tree. Its very rustic and simple for little kids…Love it

    • Heather says:

      I really like the third one from the bottom, I would put it on a wall outside, grandkids would love to help. I grew up with real trees and love the smell , also it always brings back memories of Christmas as a child., kind of like the smell of wax crayons always reminds me of my gramma. Well Merry Christmas to all and keep those real trees in Christmas. 🙂

  8. Crissy says:

    Some of us can’t have trees because of our pets. My cat would get tangled up in ours every year. We have to have an alternative and anything that sticks to the wall is a good idea.

  9. Josephine says:

    You do realize that sticks and paper come from trees, right?

  10. Jasmina says:

    amazing ideas!
    I love it with egg cartons! cool idea!

  11. Al says:

    Perfect for me who didn’t want to buy a christmas tree 🙂

  12. Lola says:

    I think the fruit and veggie trees are cool ideas for appetizers cause they look really nice, but in terms of my Christmas tree, I will stick with the real deal… I can’t get enough of that pine smell!

  13. Great ideas! I really like the wrapping paper tree! : )

  14. Margaret says:

    All the ideas are grea,I don’t have a tree at xmas,but might use your sujestion.

  15. kim says:

    I understand those of you who make a living off of a tree farm. However don’t bash others for prefering to not purchase a real tree. We don’t do real trees because my husband and children have allergies to the live tree. So ideas like the above is great for families like us. Anymore people are becoming insensitive to others while thinking of themselves. Before you call others lazy, stupid or whatever word you choose because someone is using an alternative, perhaps you should find out the facts first.

    • BeckiBob says:

      The original article bashed people who do buy a tree – the reply from John just points out that they farm trees with the intention of cutting them down, so it’s not environmentally destructive – if they weren’t going to be cut down they wouldn’t be grown in the first place. If you bothered to read his post properly I think you’d find there wasn’t a single usage of words such as lazy or stupid – you’ve just invented them to make your own point. I think you’re the one who needs to check facts…

  16. Leonora says:

    they all have their place. Where we live now is too hot for a real cut tree so I have a very realistic fake, but I love all these ideas. I’m going to do fruit and veg trees of all sorts and also a hanging one above the table, and a lights one outside

  17. Kim says:

    Thank you! I thought they were all amazing! Nothing like a bit of creative spirit to stir things up and offer something different! I especially enjoyed the fruit tree to make on Christmas Day and the lolly trees/balls. My daughter and I will have lots of fun making these and that’s what it’s all about – I think!

  18. Samantha says:

    What annoys me , is I see a lot of people saying they dont use ” trees” because of their pets getting into them… Alright I have had cats for 26 years and none of my cats old and new have torn a tree up . Yes they get in them , when they are kittens you train them that its a ” no no” if you actually train your cats and dogs they actually listen ! People seem to not think they can train cats, they are neither lazy or don’t know how to . Its called spraying them with a misty water bottle and saying no , after about 4 times they listen . It is magical ! Again I can not be to wrong if I have had different cats and dogs for 26 years and again all of my animals have rules and they follow them ! We have a kitten right now with a tree up and he got in ONCE I sprayed him tada he thinks twice the next time . Don’t be so easy on cats they are smart and they do follow rules, hell mine even plays fetch …. I just don’t like how peopel say their cats do this and that and they allow it. Cats can be trained …

    • ella liddle says:

      You’re right about training cats and dogs. I don’t have either one, but I have seen both sides. If you take time to teach them, it’s a one time thing that will last..

  19. Loes says:

    I like the little christmas trees with fruit etc. because I can use these ideas with the Christmas dinner at the school and even make more fruit-trees. I hope if it looks nice they will eat more of it:)

  20. Bev Montenaro says:

    Shame, no link to the original creator of these ideas, and no credit to them, Yeah, that’s the spirit.

    Bev Montenaro

  21. alka says:

    Very beautiful. I liked that silver and green christmas tree without base visible.

  22. Joel says:

    So, to the people that are offended by this article, and say it is someone’s job at stake, well, here are 2 ideas. 1, a lot of jobs exist that are bad, stupid, demeaning, morally wrong, and shouldn’t exist at all. I believe that being a tree farmer is not one of those jobs. I think it is great for someone’s job to be outside, help the fruition of mother nature, as well as putting in a good hard day’s work. My only opposition is the inevitable death of the tree for the entertainment value it brings, which brings on my second idea. Those who desire a real tree should get one with roots still attached so it can stay alive, be transplanted after the holidays, and have a chance to survive and become a great tree. Not only would that stop any environmentalist from harassing you, you can plant it in your back yard and be able to fondly look upon all the genrations of pine trees, and how many Christmases your family has celebrated, all cherishing great memories of those times

  23. Over regulated American says:

    I take serious issue with the first paragraph of this article !!!. Nothing beats a real Christmas tree !!!, and if anyone frowns upon that time honored tradition, then they are nothing but a deranged, brainwashed, loony, leftist, liberal, eco-nazi idiot !!!. Yes there are some folks who for what ever reason cannot have a real Christmas tree, and that is to bad for them, but don’t try to bash those of us who will always have a real Christmas tree.

  24. Lynn Dugget says:

    I love real trees and My daughter gets nothing but real ones so dies my son she lives in Punta Gorda Flat and he is in Mississippi I always when They were little and was stationed in VA found real tress through a group called th Lions Club. They always had fresh cut trees tied from tree farms in PaPa which is where I’m from born and raised . I Always got beautiful cut full trees at a good price. I Would let my kids pick the tree they liked and still get live ones today for their kids

  25. Lynn Dugger says:

    Sorry about the spelling on previous post that’s Pa anyway I am unable to get a live tree now due to cats in the house they would ruin it with the decorations and the like but if the re was a way to have one that could be totally cat proofed I’m in

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