27 Creative And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

summer-fun-for-kids Every parent knows that summer is one of the hardest seasons because during a couple of months your kids are home and out of day-to-day activities. It’s this time of the year you realize that school is actually keeping them busy for most part of the day and you lack the ideas for fun things to do with them. That’s why we thought you could need a help! Find the best set of activities for your kids to do during this summer. The offer is diverse, and it includes creative as well as entertaining things, but especially low cost solutions for avoiding the TV 24/7 this summer.


1. Bananagrams is great, but GIANT BANANAGRAMS is best.

summer-fun-for-kids-1 constantlylovestruck.blogspot.com

2. Take Twister outside.

summer-fun-for-kids-2 youplusmeforalways.blogspot.com

3. And bring Scrabble to the pool.



4. Turn a two-liter bottle into a DIY sprinkler.


5. Make art with things you guys find in nature.


6. Show your appreciation for those starry summer nights.


7. If you have a seasoned friendship-bracelet-maker, take it to the next level with these DIY flip-flops.


8. Make dinosaur tracks with flip-flops.


9. Create your own magnetic games for long trips.

summer-fun-for-kids-9 ladybirdln.com

10. Construct the most boss fort of all time.

summer-fun-for-kids-10 mymakedo.com

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