30 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas For Cat Lovers


Are you in search of cool and playful furniture ideas for your cat? This next list will surely inspire you to build your own cat furniture or it can at least give you some ideas about the products from the market. But these next ideas have an important thing in common and namely, they are all great solutions if you have a cat, but also a lot of plants in your home. As cats are curios and like to play, you plants can become “the victims” of your feline. To keep these away from your cat, some creative designers thought about cool cat furniture ideas that will make your life much easier and your cat’s more fun. You can buy or even build an awesome cat house planter, like the one from the pictures and your cat will have its own cozy home and your plants will stay safe too. The grass table for your cat is also really cool. Browse the gallery below and tell us which cat furniture is your favorite!

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