30+ DIY Rustic Decor Ideas using Logs


Decorating with wood can give an interesting look to your home and change the entire look of your interior. To create decorative objects as in this article below it can take some time and skill. Wooden decorations are more suitable in a rustic environment in the countryside or in a mountaintop cottage, rather than in an apartment, but still some of them can look nice in a town apartment too. Therefore if you love nature and want to bring it closer to you, here’s what you can accomplish with the help of decorative logs or pieces of wood. If you don’t want to cover an entire wall with wood in your flat, you can just choose to make a statement decoration piece such as a log vase or a nice wooden wine bottle support. For a list of really cool DIY wooden decorations, ckeck the photos below and don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends too. Don’t forget, PIN IT!!!

1.Rustic Shelves


2. Effective Ways to Light Up Your Garden: Fallen Logs


3. DIY: Decorate Your Home With Tree Branches

DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-3 more details here…

4. Rustic Eastern Red Cedar Log Shelf

DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-4 source

5. Tree stump bench


6. Solid Oak Shelves

DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-6 source

7. Driftwood Wine Rack

DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-7 source

8. Unique Log Wine Rack


Bottle Holders


9. Olive wood Coaster set with Rustic Holder

DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-10 source

10. Driftwood sailboat with burlap sail DIY-Rustic-Decor-Ideas-using-Logs-11


7 Responses to “30+ DIY Rustic Decor Ideas using Logs”

  1. ivan says:

    hi there , amazing ideas here , ty for sharing ……. 1 question , how was the round slab shelf hung onto the wall ??

  2. Robyn Feld says:

    Love your wood decor

  3. Stefan says:

    Judging by the pic. I assume a hole was cut into the wall. And one or two lengths of 2×4 placed horizontally between the uprights.

  4. Dave says:

    You need a bandsaw with some type of sled or jig to mill 90° angle cuts.. you could then route a recess in the log to which you could mount your wall hardware. I wouldn’t do wall anchors, make sure you mount in the studs first, then measure and make your cuts on the log..

  5. Megan says:

    I want more info on wood bench for pain. NY brother has a log cabin and all kinds of rustic cool wooden pieces and I think this would go great on their porch I’m also wondering how many people it seats and if it has a wide bench

  6. Irva Adhvaryu says:

    amazing..decoration..ideas. I m so crazy about ur website

  7. Glen Robinson says:

    How do you drill the lathe holes to accept the bottles, i am looking for some way to drill large holes through the logs and need some guidance from more experiences perains.

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