30 Million-Year-Old Praying Mantis Is Preserved in Pristine Piece of Amber

Amber is known to conserve a lot of fossils, but this one is truly special. This praying mantis, which was preserved in amber, it’s so unique that it was even listed for auction via Heritage Auctions for a stunning amount of $6,000 in 2016.
This beautiful piece of amber was found in the Dominican Republic and due to its translucent state, it gives a glimpse into the preserved mantis inside.
Central and South America are famous for their amber resources, most deriving from the now extinct prehistoric tree, Hymenaea protera. The amber from the Dominican region is called Dominican resin and has a much higher clarity than regular resins.
The piece auctioned by Heritage Auctions, dates to the Oligocene period, making this piece especially valuable. The mantis is so well preserved in this case, that its entire body can be seen on display, from the spine, front legs, and even its head.
Such an amazing discovery and one that has an enormous value for any rare pieces collector.

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