For $367 a Month, She Has 345 Square Feet, a Hot Tub and a River

Liz Gilson embodies a lifestyle that defies conventional notions of space and comfort. From her early days in a stately home in England to her adventures sailing around Australia and living in a van, Gilson has always sought out snug quarters with unparalleled enthusiasm. Her latest abode, a former barbershop in Glencoe Mill Village, North Carolina, epitomizes her affinity for compact living. With a mere 345 square feet of space, Gilson has ingeniously maximized every inch, converting the limited area into a cozy haven that reflects her nautical past and resourceful spirit with only $367-a-month mortgage.

Despite the modest size of her home, Gilson has crafted a retreat that exudes charm and functionality. Through thrift shop finds and woodworking endeavors, she has curated an interior that resonates with her love for the sea, while also catering to her practical needs. The addition of a hot tub and patio in the backyard further enhances her living experience, providing ample space for social gatherings in the close-knit community of Glencoe Mill Village. Gilson’s unwavering pride in her unconventional dwelling is evident, as she eagerly shares her story with visitors and revels in the simplicity and contentment her tiny home affords her, proving that true fulfillment transcends the confines of size and extravagance.


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