3,800 Sq.ft Oscoda Log Home by RippleCraft


Does time spent at your log cabin could be divided more cleverly in order to enjoy the natural surroundings at the full possible extent? After a lot of roaming the forests you grow tired but don’t necessarily want to hang out inside. A porch is the perfect way you could blend the refreshing natural atmosphere while being close to the comfort of the cabin. RippleCraft Log Homes made this beautiful cabin that you see in the picture and which seems like it’s inviting you to a relaxing and memorable vacation. Some comfortable lounge chairs could be placed on the porch, alongside some hot beverages and you and your partner or friends can spend a lovely evening together. Breakfast is another opportunity to make best use of a perfect porch next time you spend the weekend at the log cabin.

RippleCraft Log Homes
48 East Miller Road
Mio, MI. 48647
[email protected]

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  1. Lisa says:

    Where can I find the pricing for this home?

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