3D-Printed Digital Sun-Dial: linking the old with the new


In the past people used to tell time by using a sun dial, a fact quite unknown for the modern generations. Nowadays, almost everything is digitalized, even the record or an eight-track being considered outdated objects by youngsters. It’s hard to get your mind around things you haven’t experienced during your lifetime, but this 3D-printed digital sun-dial is the perfect combination between the old and the new. Someone who works with Mojoptix, going by the alias Julldozer, tried to find an answer to the following question: “What if we had a sundial that worked more like some sort of enormous digital watch?” In our opinion, this has never been done before. You can find this in the link below…

In the picture bellow you can see exactly how, depending on where the sun is located, the shadow cast through the sun-dial displays a digital read out of the time. Check out more about this awesome invention by also watching the video bellow.

Find it HERE…

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