3D-Printed House Is Built in 18 Hours, Offering an Economical Housing Solution for the Future

The emergence of 3D-printed architecture has sparked a revolution in the housing sector, offering a promising solution to the perennial challenge of expensive housing. Havelar, a Portugal-based company, is at the forefront of this movement with its pioneering venture into 3D-printed homes. Their inaugural project, nestled in the vibrant landscape of Greater Porto, epitomizes efficiency and affordability. With a construction time of a mere 18 hours, this 80-square-meter, two-bedroom residence stands as a testament to the transformative potential of 3D printing technology. Utilizing COBOD’s BOD2 printer, the home boasts a construction cost of €1,500 per square meter, significantly undercutting the average in Porto. This remarkable feat is made possible by the printer’s rapid layering of a cement-like mixture, laying the groundwork for subsequent manual installations of doors, windows, and other amenities. Despite its minimalist aesthetic, this home embodies a promise of accessible and sustainable living, echoing Havelar’s vision of empowering communities through innovative housing solutions.

While this project marks Havelar’s debut in the realm of 3D-printed homes, it serves as a springboard for their ambitious future endeavors. Looking ahead, the company envisions a trajectory towards carbon neutrality by 2030, propelled by a strategic shift towards alternative construction materials such as straw and earth. This commitment to sustainability underscores Havelar’s dedication to fostering resilient and eco-conscious communities. As Rodrigo Vilas-Boas, the Co-Founder of Havelar, articulates, their mission transcends mere construction; it is about forging partnerships and nurturing aspirations. With a modest investment of €150,000, young couples can now envisage their dream home materializing in vibrant neighborhoods equipped with essential services. As Havelar sets its sights on a future where innovation and sustainability converge, the promise of accessible housing for all becomes increasingly tangible, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.


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