5 Gardening Tips That Will Give You Tons of Strawberries!

If strawberries are your favorite fruits and want to grow them yourself at home, these next tips and tricks will come in handy. Don’t worry if you’re new to gardening, as practice makes perfect and with these helpful tips you are going to become a pro in growing your own tasty strawberries. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that by removing the runners which are located at the base of your plant, you will be able to grow more berries than expected. Also in order to grow healthy fruits, use mulch that will decompose and will fertilize the soil.



If you remove the runners, at the base of the plant, you can produce MUCH more. When the runners are gone, the plant is able to receive more nutrients which will yield more.

If you have never planted strawberry runners before, it’s supper easy. Just dig around the plant and gently pull it up.

source: OneHundredDollarsAMonth


Choose a strawberry cultivar that is known to produce a large berry crop. Most people say that short-day varieties will give you the most strawberries.


A bed of strawberries


Use Mulch! As the mulch decomposes, it will feed your plants and also prevent grass and weeds from growing in with your strawberry plants.


Keeping strawberries safe from birds and other critters

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