This 51-Year-Old From Colorado Pays $725 a Month to Live in a Tiny Home on Wheels in Someone’s Backyard

At the age of 51, Jen Gressett has crafted a unique and cost-effective living arrangement near Boulder, Colorado, residing in a 520-square-foot tiny home on wheels situated in someone’s backyard. In 2019, Jen embarked on this unconventional housing journey by purchasing a tiny house shell from a local builder for $45,000. To bring her vision to life, she invested an additional $3,000 for a carefully crafted floor plan. The overall cost of constructing her tiny home amounted to approximately $175,000, covering expenses such as the prefabricated shell structure, labour, and materials. Financing this endeavour involved a strategic combination of resources, with Jen utilizing $85,000 from the sale of her previous home (profits shared with her ex-husband) and a $90,000 loan generously extended by a close friend.

Jen’s tiny home, with its modern farmhouse interior, stands as a testament to both financial ingenuity and the growing trend of alternative housing solutions. Occupying a backyard space secured through a local Facebook group, Jen pays $725 per month, encompassing housing costs, a designated parking space, internet, water, and electricity. This affordable living arrangement not only reflects her commitment to a simpler lifestyle but also underscores the resourcefulness required to navigate housing challenges in high-cost regions like Boulder. Jen’s story exemplifies how creative approaches to homeownership, combined with community connections, can pave the way for unique and financially sustainable living arrangements.

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