52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You



Even if a lot of us don’t admit this, we tend to have some degree of an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), although annoying habits should be the better word for it. Don’t feel embarrassed by this. Instead, try to make your OCDs something to easily live with. We found a nice collection of organizing tips that will help the ones who are keen on making everything meticulously organized around the home. Find out some handy tips, like setting up two tiers of books or DVDs in your cubby shelf with the help of a shelf riser. Why not using tension rods as handy scarf hangers? Bins attached with Velcro to the bottom of your drawers will provide with a lot of avoidance of junk cluttering up. Maximize the space in the kitchen cabinets by storing pans both on the vertical and also on the horizontal; some pan organizers will help you in achieving this. Also, in order to keep dishes neat a pegboard will provide some useful assistance. Make everyone in the home keep their cups only in their use with a custom made coaster tray. This way, each will be encouraged to not clutter the sink with dirty cups or glasses but wash and place them in the designated place. There are a lot of helpful tips in here. Make sure you check out all of them!

BuzzFeed: 52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You


  • I am diagnosed with OCD, and I spend about 3-4 hours a day (weekdays) cleaning and organizing. While I did enjoy your tips, your interpretation of what OCD is is pretty off. It’s a disorder, meaning it interferes with your life. Just because you have an inner neat-freak does not mean you have OCD, even if it’s just “some degree” of it. If it’s some degree, then it’s not a disorder.
    Just clearing things up. Thanks for the tips anyways.

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