650 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin


Prefabricated homes are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, among them the relatively quick build time, the ecological advantages, and the flexibility they can provide across a range of budgets. Most of them can be installed in a day, cost less than any other home on the market and are welcoming and comfortable. The house has a wooden structure, which is well isolated and features a modern and airy interior. The beautiful large windows of the house contribute to the brightness of the interior and make it perfect for either a permanent residence or a holiday house. The interior is sectioned in several areas, from kitchen to dining and bedroom and there is also a fully equipped bathroom. The modern appliances harmonize with the use of modern decoration pieces and the outdoor space can offer unforgettable moments of relaxation. The front porch is large enough to host a group, so you can invite your friends over for and enjoy a nice cup of coffee outside.








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