7 Ways to Design with Plywood


When it comes to the interior design, a lot of people resort to expensive materials and decorations in their search for a stylish atmosphere. We found a collection that shows you can achieve the same result if you apply ingenuity and creativity to a simple material: plywood. Doors, modular shelving system, kitchen island, dining table, bathroom cabinet, sleeping compartments any plenty more can be fashioned out of plywood. In this collection you can witness the great length designers like Jean-Baptiste Barache, and architects, like New Zealand architect Davor Popadich or UK architect Carl Turner, go to in order to make a unique decor and ambiance with something as simple as plywood. Check out all of their impressive works here and draw inspiration from them when it comes to your own designs and materials. If anything, the projects featured here are a bold statement that plywood is not a cheap material but one which could easily give style to the decor of your home.



Plywood-1 ROCK THE BOAT New Zealand architect Davor Popadich

Plywood-2 Apartment by Gut Gut

Plywood-3 Carl Turner Architects

DW0906_PHE_04 Blank Studio

Jean-Baptiste Barache's House



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  1. jane lusenga says:

    This is gud n i hope u feature all the gud ideas in your magazines .Cnt wait to see more of your styles n designs .

  2. jane lusenga says:

    Thanx 4 such a site it is very helpful to me keep up the good work and post more . your tips also help me as a preschool teacher .

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