7X4 off Road Camping Trailer Tent

This model is a unique designed for elderly people touring or small crowd people touring, main tent can be quick easy set up by one person within 5 minutes with two gas struts on sleeping board. Think this is bigger than my apartment I could totally live in it! What do you think?

30 Responses to “7X4 off Road Camping Trailer Tent”

  1. Becci says:

    Inside pics?

  2. Grant mitchell says:

    where do you get this

  3. Allen Anderson says:

    Would love to see more pictures of it . More details and a price .

  4. Verna says:

    Why is one section elevated ?

  5. SierraRose says:

    No information as to who makes this, where it can be purchased, cost, how to get more information. Pretty useless post.

  6. Harley Carlier says:

    Send video and or info the the campingoff road trailer

  7. Jennifer L Lawler says:

    Where can I buy this tent.

  8. Justin says:

    well it’s really cool, thanks for showing us a random picture with zero information. Ulterior motive much.

  9. Kit says:

    How much, and what kind of car would need to tow it, how many does it sleep

  10. Lisa says:

    Love it would like to see inside

  11. Evan McGee says:

    What more can you tell me? Is this commercially available? Where can I find one?

  12. Lana says:

    That’s huge, I could live in it. You can travel and go anywhere.

  13. Phillip Alger says:

    I love it, but where do we find the price and where are they sold?

  14. Ellen Mcbroom says:

    I would like info and pricing

  15. cynthia says:

    would love this!, I could so live in this, :))

  16. Edwin says:

    Where can I buy this tent?

  17. Diana says:

    Is there a link to purchase this??

  18. Shirleen Wells says:

    I so can use this for my family. We just got a boat and I can use this at our camp and outside our home for the kids m. I can show off people that is passing by. I love this design I sure would use it for sure. Thank You for sharing your post about this beautiful tent.

  19. Shirleen Wells says:

    I would like to add .. I would move my furniture inside the tent if I ever have one. It’s so expensive where I come from no roads in and out of the village we have to fly out to go shop. So it would be real nice if I ever get one, sure can use it too for our activities for our kids during the 4th Of July activities like show a movie or play games. Would’ve so awesome if I ever win something like this? I think it would be the awesomest

  20. Marjan S Kaca says:

    worst advertisement ever .. it says 7×4 looks like 20×20 to me. Would love to have this but you have to find one first looked everywhere it don`t exist …

  21. Patrick says:

    Come on people. I realize they could have included more information in the post, but there is a specification table right beneath the post that has all kinds of information, including the model number. Google it. How hard is that?

  22. David says:

    Price???? Please respond….. please respond

  23. Brian hewuse says:

    Want one where to buy?

  24. Nobie Stokes says:

    Where can someone buy one of these

  25. Baubles says:

    This is very cool. but set up in 5 minutes? Why do I think this is exaggeration? lol

  26. Mary says:

    According to tineye.com the original photo for this is from China.
    This fit on the back of a pickup and folded out.
    The people selling it on october 2, 2013 said they had to take a second car for their gear or pull a trailer.

    I did not see any other photos on the post.

  27. Dorothy says:

    Why would You post something with zero information on where to purchase, inside photos, etc???

  28. Kimhak says:

    Can you tell me more detail of the off-road tent?

  29. Deby says:

    Sunday Camper has info on them. They come from China.

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