A 93-Year-Old Man Finds Happiness In The Middle Of Nowhere


A 93-year-old man named Jack English found peace of mind and happiness in the Ventana Wilderness, east of Big Sur, CA. He first went there while hunting dear with a friend and instantly fell in love with the place.
He says that: “People think I am crazy living here, and maybe they are right”.
Even though he openly admits that sometimes it gets pretty lonesome, what he loves the most is the fact that the place doesn’t change, and that is pretty unusual nowadays…
The cottage was almost entirely built with local materials that he found on the land. It took him nearly 5 years to finish the construction situated five miles from the nearest road, which keeps him away from all the modern turmoil. After losing his wife to ovarian cancer, the old man found comfort in isolating himself from modernity. With respect to that, he states: “It’s not that I don’t like people, I do. I just don’t like swarms of them”.

With a smile on his face, Jack says:
“I’m different, I know, and this is an individual thing. It’s the kind of life I like and that’s why I’m here, and that’s where I hope I’m going to be until the end. “Maybe with luck, I can make it.”

For more information about Jack’s amazing story, check out the video below:

9 Responses to “A 93-Year-Old Man Finds Happiness In The Middle Of Nowhere”

  1. Charmaine Dawson says:

    Just wanted to say , I am so sorry to hear about your wife’s passing . I think where you are living is just wonderful,hope you have many,many more wonderful years .God bless you

    • Darrell Chaffin says:

      Mr. English; I think you are one of the richest individuals on this earth !!! I have the highest regards for you. You are doing what you love in your life and I can relate to that. I would love to meet you one day and talk to you about your experiences of the type life that you live today. May the Dear Lord bless you in all that you do and be safe out there.

  2. Rainer Hausgen says:

    Man you have got my full respect !
    With nearly 56 I thought I was already too old to start over again and settle down somewhere in the wilderness… It seems that I was wrong…
    Have a good time out there !
    I will try my very best to follow you…

  3. Andrew says:

    Really love this, but please deck your spelling. “Deer”, not “dear.”

  4. Andrew says:

    Ha! I did it to myself, check* – I know it can be easy to overlook sometimes just trying to help out

  5. Martha Siemens says:

    My father lives in the wilderness. Way in and out is airplane that lands on the lake. He lives very simple and quietly. He says he likes being alone but can he ever talk when company comes ’round. He is 91 years young. Cheers to the authentic people like you in the world, showing us the way.

  6. jim says:

    Andrew you saved the day with that grammar find.

    A great video to watch if you like this kinda stuff is Alone in the Wilderness, by Dick Prenniky…

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