A Bean Bag Bed With Built-in Blanket and Pillow

What if you could maneuver your couch to fit any position you want to be in? So that it acts as your blanket, pillow, a cubby to burrow in, or an intimate hideaway to cuddle in with someone special.Well this kind of versatile and physically customizable couch is exactly what Hanna Emelie Ernesting wanted to portray in her ‘moody couch’ design which was presented in the Fuori Salone in Milan.I just love the organic and ever changing feel of this piece.


During the Fuori Salone Moody Couch was presented in a wonderful new fabric.

With Moody Couch the philosophy of of the Moody Series is expressed in a way that allows a very wide rage of different moods, while still making a link to the “standard” sofa. It can be a intimate napping spot or a representable couch. The size of the textile cover and its simple pattern enable all shapes and forms.


source: Hannaernsting

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  1. Renee LeBoeuf says:

    That thing is great!! Where can I buy one?

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