A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern)


If the cold weather is making your lips crack and your throat sore, then you should definitely consider wearing a scarf. Oh, the problem is you want a fashionable scarf for this winter? Well, you should definitely make your own! DIY items are still in this season and can help you get as unique as you want. If you want a statement item, you should try and knit this beautiful scarf, that looks cool and it also keeps you warm in the winter. You will find the free pattern in the photo description, and a step by step tutorial as well. The flower pattern on the front of the scarf is a great alternative for a brooch as it will make your whole outfit much more interesting. It is not a job for beginners when it comes to knitting this scarf, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try. Gather your friends and knit a cool scarf in only one weekend.


A Beautiful Knit Scarf (free pattern) by Stranamam

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  1. Sam Brown says:

    hi I am looking at your Facebook page and the scarf with flower broach, unfortunately I cannot seem to locate the pattern (free) could you please advise or email me the details please??

  2. Carol Martinez says:

    How do I actually access this free pattern? I’m caught in an email subscription loop from hell!

  3. Martie says:

    Is there a link to this pattern in English?

  4. debp says:

    The only pattern I could find is in impossible to understand translated Russian. Are you kidding? Do you have an English version of this pattern?

  5. Sylvia says:

    This is a really beautiful scarf but the pattern is written in Russian and the translation must be literal as it is very hard to understand. Any way to get the proper translated instructions.

  6. Ellen Sanchez says:

    Where is the free scarf pattern? I touch this picture but nothing comes up for a pattern.

  7. Cindy says:

    Where do I get this pattern? I really want to make this lovely scarf

  8. Julie says:

    Where do I get this free pattern?

  9. Robin says:

    Do you have this pattern in English?
    It’s so beautiful I really want to make it.
    please help me translate it

  10. Debra Carter says:

    It’s a shame that this beautiful scarf does not come with a clear english pattern.
    Not everyone is such an accomplished knitter as to be able to look at the picture and figure it out.
    A better translation would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  11. Annemie Rook says:

    Hi, I love this pattern but the link on this website goes to Google translate but unfortunately is totally useless as a pattern. Is there another pattern available?

    Greetings, Annemie 🙂

  12. Barbara Landi says:

    I will never download anything that is associated with ask.com

  13. Rebs says:

    It seems cruel to me that the pattern for this scarf is in Russian and the translation doesn’t make sense!

  14. cindy says:

    help this is in Russian and the Google translation is awful! Do you have the instructions in English? Thanks, Cindy

  15. Jane Watson says:

    Description: cast on 12 stitches. Turn your work over.

    Beautiful Knit Scarf

    Row 2 Right Side/ slip the first stitch, cross yarn over, 10 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 1 knit stitch

    Row 3/ slip the first stitch, 12 purl stitches, 1 knit stitch. Total 14 stitches.

    Row 4 RS/ slip the first stitch, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 1 knit stitch.

    Row 5/ slip the first stitch, 1 knit stitch, 12 purl stitches, 2 knit stitches. Total 16 stitches.

    Row 6 RS/ slip the first stitch, 1 knit stitch, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 2 knit stitches.

    Row 7/ slip the first stitch, 2 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 3 knit stitches. Total 18 stitches.

    Row 8 RS/ slip the first stitch, 2 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 3 knit stitches.

    Row 9/ 4 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 4 knit stitches. Total 20 stitches.

    Row 10 RS/ 4 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 4 knit stitches.

    Row 11/ 5 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 5 knit stitches. Total 22 stitches.

    Row 12 RS/ 5 knit stitches, cross yarn over, slip 3 stitches to cable needle before working (hold at front), make 3 knit stitches, make 3 knit stitches from the cable needle. Slip 3 stitches to cable needle (hold at back), make 3 knit stitches, make 3 knit stitches from cable needle. Cross yarn over. 5 knit stitches.

    Row 13/ 6 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 6 knit stitches. Total 24 stitches.

    Row 14 RS/ 6 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 12 knit stitches, cross yarn over, 6 knit stitches.

    Row 15/ 7 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 7 knit stitches. Total 26 stitches.

    Row 16 RS/ 26 knit stitches.

    Row 17/ 7 knit stitches, 12 purl stitches, 7 knit stitches.

    Row 18 RS/ 26 knit stitches. No more increasing stitches.

    Rows 19-21 like row 17.

    Row 20 like row 18.

    Row 22 RS/ knit like row 12 but without increasing. 5 knit stitches, slip 3 stitches to cable needle before working (hold at front), make 3 knit stitches, make 3 knit stitches from cable needle. Slip 3 stitches to cable needle (hold at back), make 3 knit stitches, make 3 knit stitches from cable needle, 5 knit stitches.

    Beautiful Knit Scarf

    Knit odd rows like row 17, and even rows like row 18. Every 10th RSR is like row 22. Knit until you get the length you need. Finish the scarf the same way, but instead of increasing stitches, you decrease (2 stitches together). Once you finish knitting the required length, cast on elastic in rounds around the edges: 2 knit stitches, 2 purl stitches (make sure that the elastic closes up). Cross yarn over on the slanted edges, and knit 7-10 rows (optional). Bind off all stitches.

  16. Chandra says:

    Wow Jane! How’d you do that? Impressive

  17. TheresaD says:

    Thanks Jane that’s fantastic.

    Would you tell us what size needles and yarn you used?

    I would like to make it in a DK I have already.

    • Julie says:

      Thank you for the pattern … I would also be interested in finding out what size needles and yarn are used for this pattern.

  18. Sharon says:

    i would like a copy of this pattern please.
    Thank you.

  19. KimM says:

    I’m with everyone else here – where do you find a pattern that makes sense for this? A little frustrating to have something like this posted, to say the least. Happy New Year – sorry for being crabby but this is a lovely looking article and would just love to knit it!!

  20. Michelle says:

    Does anyone have the flower pattern in English as well?

  21. Stefani Barron says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble locating the pattern for this beautiful scarf. Can you advise where to find it? Thank you!

  22. Lynn G says:

    The cable row is knit 7 for row 22. There is an increase of sts from the initial cable row that is used as repeat.

  23. Kay says:

    Thank you Jane

  24. cindy says:

    I do not have the talent to knit and am presently down on hand/arm from a surgery.
    Would anyone be willing to knit this for me? At an appropriate cost? It in one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen
    Thank you

  25. Jen says:

    Can I get a copy of this pattern please

  26. Christina says:

    Could I get the pattern sent to me in English please! 🙂

  27. mary says:

    What size needles and what weight/type of yarn please. Thank you

  28. Cindy Rea says:

    What size needles do we need to make this AND is the flower pattern included in the translation. I am going to attempt to make it.

  29. Betty Kay says:

    Free Pattern cannot seem to get this link. Could you please email to me.


  30. amy atchinson says:

    Anyone find a pattern for the flower? Mine are not turning out as good as the one pictured.

  31. Nancy Moulson says:

    I’d like the whole pattern in English plus the flower, size of needles and
    yarn used. It is so beautiful I’d love to be able to make one or several.
    thanks so much Nancy

  32. Nancy Moulson says:

    This is so beautiful I’d like to make one or more. Could I please have
    the complete pattern with flower and size of needles and type of yarn
    thank you so much Nancy

  33. Michelle Kruger says:

    Publisher could you please email me a copy of this pattern in English?

    • Chelsea Tracey says:

      Could you please email it to me as well? I have not been able to locate it.
      Preferred either English or French instructions, please.

    • Pam Pettit says:

      Could you please send me an email with the instructions for the scarf and flower, plus kneedle size and ply of yarn?

    • mary says:

      Can you please send a copy that include the yarn needle and flower pattern. Thank you very much++++++

  34. Lisa says:

    I wrote down pattern in english you posted. But what about flower to, in english please. What size needle n yarn weight. Could you please -mail it to me. Thank you so much.

  35. Lindsey says:

    I would enjoy a copy of this complete pattern in English, please. Many thanks, for it is so lovely!

  36. Tasia Kisscorni says:

    Is there any way this entire pattern — starting with yarn weight and needle size — can be posted for all of us who are pretty confused. We have bits and pieces but not the entire pattern in a usable format. Thanks!!

  37. Amanda says:

    Could I please get the instructions for the beautiful knit scarf as well? Thank you!

  38. p. dupas says:

    please advise what size needles you used, type of yarn and instructions for flower motif

  39. Donna says:

    Wondering if anyone knows what size needles to use for this pattern?

  40. Sue H says:

    Could someone explain how the flower is done please

  41. Barb says:

    Hi Jane! I have a quick question for you: Did you write up this pattern? If so, there is someone that is trying to make money off of it as there own on Ravelry. If you found it somewhere else and are just putting it up for use, then just disregard my original question. If this is your original pattern, let me know and I’ll give you the address to find it.


  42. Laura Jeanne Hansen says:

    This free pattern is called “Scarf w center cable” on Ravelry.com. The pattern says to use size US 10 knitting needles. The flower is not part of the pattern but you can find a separate flower pattern to knit a flower to attach to the scarf if desired.

    • Barb says:

      ravelry.com/patterns/library/flower-neck-warmer-3 That is the link to the one for sale for $5 on Ravelry. They look the same to me. I’m not trying to start trouble. I’m just calling attention to what I’ve found.

  43. Sue H says:

    has anyone tried this pattern, not sure if it just me or if in fact they get confused at row 22? thank you

  44. Dianne says:

    Could you send this pattern to me? Also, no needle size, wool thickness is specified???

  45. Doris Gulley says:

    Row 22 is knit 7 not 5 !!!

  46. Ginger says:

    I was looking for the pattern in swedish, and found it here in english aswell!!


    I have made the middle part, and is very pleased with it.

    Happy stiching! 🙂

  47. Pam Pettit says:

    I just need needle size and how many ounces of yarn. Looks like worsted 4 ply, right?

  48. Julie says:

    Jane Watson…thanks for posting the pattern. Can you just tell me what needles this requires and what type of wool? Your help will is very much appreciated.

  49. Rose says:

    Thank you Jane!! You is s lifesaver!!!

  50. Becky Tilford says:

    i can seem to find the link to the pattern. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

  51. Sharon says:

    Love this scarf!! I’m a beginning knitter, how difficult is this pattern?

  52. Jean Staker says:

    I made this, but like everyone else I had to do a lot of guessing. I used size 10 1/2 needles and used two full balls of yarn and part of a third. I then single crocheted around entire scarf(don’t crochet, use a hook to pull up yarn to knitting needle) Next I picked up yarn through back loops of single crochets made. Then finished as pattern called for in ribbing, going in rounds on right side. I did 7 rows of ribbing. Bind off in a stretchy knit bind off. Have not attempted flower yet.

  53. Danielle says:

    Hey ladies, there are a few of these projects completed on Ravelry:


    There are also multiple (English) sources on the Ravelry page as well.

    Happy knitting!

  54. Bonnie says:

    Could I also have the pattern in English please?
    Thank you.

  55. isabel freeman says:

    Beautiful design , such a shame its not available as an english pattern to follow.I would love to make this. Talented designer!

  56. wendi says:

    I just finished this scarf. I made it with size 6mm (size 10 US) needles and Bulky (size 5) yarn. It took me 2 balls (each was 100 g or 3.5 oz). I used Loops and Threads Charisma. It knitted up quite quickly but I had a problem with the ribbing. First I picked up 184 stitches around the outside with a 6mm 80cm long round needle that I use for sweaters and knit 7 rows of K2, P2. It looked fine except that the ends, which were rounded, ended up buckling and I could not figure out how to fix it. I’ve taken it out and I am going to redo that part. I think I will knit it separately and sew it on. I’m still looking at different solutions. I haven’t done the flower yet but did find the pattern on Ravelry for only 2.50. I’ll do it soon. Anyhow, if anyone has suggestions for the ribbing, please post them.

    • Michele says:

      I had the same problem with the buckling with the ribbing. The pattern says to cast on elastic in rounds, but I had no idea what that meant. Maybe using elastic with the yarn would help? I ended up taking the ribbing out, and I haven’t completed the project. I think I would definately have to do a stretchy bind off for this scarf, for the ribbing, if I attempt to finish it. Also there is a mistake in the pattern, as other comments have mentioned, row 22 is knit 7, not 5. I figured that out as I went.

  57. Sandy says:

    Where can we get the pattern?

  58. Dorothy Albright says:

    Where can I find this free pattern or a link where I can buy the actual pattern. There is no pattern on your site.

  59. iris says:

    After Row22 Do you go back to the beginning or do you continue Row 23 k7,p12,k7-Row 24 knit 26 across until you get to Row32 where you repeat Row 22

  60. MacFox says:

    OMG, this scarf is so popular that Pinterest thinks it leads to spam! I guess it’s a good sign. 🙂 I defenatly will make one, love it so much, thank you!

  61. Lauri Goodwin says:

    Can someone tell me where I can get this pattern in normal English?

  62. liz says:

    Don’t understand cross yarn over.

  63. Bev says:

    could I also get the pattern in English please?

  64. Cathy says:

    Can’t find the pattern for the scarf.

  65. Ciel says:

    Please could I have the pattern of the scarf and flowe. In English. And the type yarn you used as well needle size. Thank you

  66. Beth says:

    LOVE this pattern. Is there a corrected pattern printed? Also, how much yarn? needle size? Seems like a lot of folks here are having problems with the pattern? Any suggestions.

  67. erika says:

    Please send pattern to my hubby

  68. Henry Bilkiss says:

    Audio started playing when I opened this web site, so frustrating!

  69. Louise says:


    could you send me the pattern please, with details of yarn, needle size and flower brooch.

  70. LindaB says:

    I do not see a pattern, and the link that is being posted in various comments does not work. It is not clickable, and when pasted to the address bar, doesn’t go anywhere.

    Can you please post a working link? Thank you in advance.

  71. Michelle says:

    I can’t find the same pattern please send me the free one .Thanks

  72. Shirley J says:

    Would love to knit this beautiful scarf as a Christmas gift for my mum – where can I find the link please?

  73. Stella J says:

    I saw your post on the beautiful knit scarf but I could not download the direction. Please sent to my email. Thank you

  74. Claire says:

    Can you tell me what size needles and wool ply you used?

  75. Lia says:

    Could I please have the pattern for the scarf please, it looks beautiful.
    Thank you.

  76. Laurie says:

    Could you send me the link for the scarf please

  77. Bonnie says:

    I have seen this pattern a couple different places but found it a little hard to follow. One person said to use a M1 instead of a yarn over. Will it make any difference? I also found the original pattern but not enough details provided in it and it calls for 15 stitches being cast on. I am trying to learn but struggling. HELP

  78. Rosa Smith says:

    Could you please send me the english diections for the Beautiful knit Scarf.. Thanks so much. I couldn’t find it..please help

  79. emily ablat says:

    Hi there! Looking hi & low for the free pattern. Where’s the link to it? I wish i can make one beautiful piece for my loved ones. Your help appreciated. Thanks.

  80. Karen Hasel says:

    Please send me the knitting directions for this lovely scarf to my email.

  81. Jennifer B says:

    Could I get the pattern? absolutely beautiful

  82. Allison Creed says:

    CouldI also have the link please as it is not showing up, Thank you it is Bueatiful

  83. Alanna meiklejohn says:

    Hi I can’t seem to locate the free pattern for the cable knit flower scarf could u please email it to me [email protected]
    Thank you

  84. Bren says:

    The pattern will not open. Can you please send the pattern. Please. Thank you.

  85. Natalie says:

    I would like a copy of this pattern please. Thank you.

  86. Kescia says:

    I don’t knit, what would someone charge to make and sell one? I’ll never find this post again though. I’d certainly purchase a finished one here in Tampa bay!

  87. Laurie willard says:

    Could you please tell me the width and length of this beauty? Thank you.

  88. Paula says:

    This popped up on my FB memory…. so Inclicked the link to see if the pattern was posted and I read the comments. Can you PLEASE send this to me???

  89. Sarah says:

    I would love a copy of this pattern in English with dimension s and needle size/ yarn used. Thanks!

  90. Mary~Ann Svenson says:

    I would love a copy of this beautiful pattern, in English, thank you.

  91. Judy Hoglan says:

    Would you happen to have this pattern or one quite similar in crochet? I don’t knit but live the look of this scarf. Thank you in advance.

  92. NANCY E WHEELAND says:


  93. Patricia says:

    I would love the pattern. English version please.

  94. Yvonne says:

    I can get the pattern. Can I please get link or email for the free pattern ??

  95. Lisa says:

    Please pm me the free pattern.

  96. Janice Gossen says:

    Please email a copy of the pattern for this beautiful scarf!

  97. Liz W. says:

    I would like this pattern please.

  98. Sparkling lights says:

    Hey dummies the link is right in the article

  99. Anita says:

    Can not find oattern..will you email it to me please and tyia

  100. Joy LaPoint says:

    I cannot locate the pattern. Could you email me a copy?

  101. Sally says:

    Would love this pattern. Can somebody tell me how to get?

  102. Nichola says:

    Sadly the link doesn’t work

  103. Heather Morin says:

    Please could I get the link for free pattern? Thank you

  104. Kathy says:

    Pattern? Please send if possible

  105. Michelle Grogan says:

    Can I get the pattern for this scarf

  106. Roxanne says:

    Please send free pattern in English. Thank you

  107. Deb says:

    Hi, Does anyone have a crochet pattern for this scarf? If yes, would you please share? Many thanks.

  108. M says:

    The pattern has been put in comments above lots of times

  109. Maureen says:

    The link to pattern has been put in comments loads of times. Just copy and paste

  110. Ellie Giles says:

    This is beautiful. Please email me an English copy of the free pattern for this scarf with needle size and recommended yarn.

  111. darlene Sewart says:

    Can you plz forward pattern

  112. Aline says:

    Does this pattern also exist for crochet?

  113. Joy Alexander says:

    Could you please send me the scarf pattern. Thankyoi

  114. Marlene says:

    Please email me the pattern for the neck scarf in English. Thank you so much

  115. Brenda says:

    I would love a copy of the pattern in english with needle size for the cable knit flower scarf. Please.

  116. Lisa says:

    Hi can I have the free pattern please

  117. Sandy Keiser says:

    No pattern

  118. Samantha costello says:

    Could I have the free pattern too please

  119. Pat Cheatham says:

    Please send me the free pattern

  120. Dorothy says:

    Looking for pattern in crochet

  121. Melissa Dressler says:

    I would love the pattern to this scarf, it is stunning! Please do not solicit any of my personal information, or send any additional e-mails aside from the requested pattern. Thank you for offering this knitting opportunity, I look forward to crafting something this amazing!

  122. Kay says:

    Need the pattern please

  123. Janet says:

    This pattern doesn’t make sense could someone please send me the pattern [email protected] thanks

  124. Debbie says:

    Would love this pattern..ty.

  125. Vicky Miller says:

    I can’t find the pattern either. Would you send me a copy? It is gorgeous and I’d love to make it

  126. Sline says:

    I can’t see it. Coukd you send it to me slso please

  127. Jojo says:

    Hello I can’t open this scarf pattern. Can you please help me as well thank you

  128. Shelley says:

    Copy of the pattern please..

  129. Judy Barnes says:

    Beautiful scarf! Please send me the pattern/instructions in English. Thank you ❤️

  130. Karen Tortorelli says:

    Can u send me pattern for beautiful knit scarf? Thank u!

  131. No Watson says:

    Could you please send me the link to this pattern. I cannot find it.

    Thank you and much appreciated.

  132. Pamela says:

    Please email the pattern in english. Thank you!

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