A Boat Made Of Wood And 55 Gallon Poly Drums


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How To Build A Transportable Pontoon Raft Out Of Old Pallets And 55 Gallon Plastic Drums

11 Responses to “A Boat Made Of Wood And 55 Gallon Poly Drums”

  1. Dawn Novak says:

    totally awesome

  2. Bobby Ayers says:

    what did ya fasten the drums to the wood with?

  3. Mindy Verbridge says:

    some genuinely prize posts on this website , bookmarked.

  4. Larry bland says:

    I made something similar in the Boy Scouts with plywood and truck tires, went rafting down the colorado river during spring break. One of the best time in my life.

  5. Jamie mcadid says:

    Great build, I’ve been wanting to build a pontoon boat using 55 gallon steel drums because that is what I have…and I know how to weld

  6. Kelly Slack says:

    This is cool!

  7. Brent says:

    The boys on down east dickering built one of these pontoon picnic tables some years back. It was cool

  8. Kwesi Doe-Williams says:

    Hello guys thanks for sharing this idea. I want to try and do same here in my private school here in Ghana and will be glad if you share with me a little more it. Thanks

  9. Jeramiah says:

    May I get more pics please? Love this

  10. Jessie "Big Jess" says:

    When we were rebuilding a prison back in 1988 and 89, we had tons of these barrels that had held floor wax. Couldn’t find any recyclers to take them, couldn’t hardly give them away, until one guy built a lake float similar to this. Next thing you know, all our country boy staff want them for small pontoon boats to fish on. Some people figured out how to make garden beds out of them for small yards and raise herbs and tomatoes. Good sturdy plastic.

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