A Customized Home On Wheels With Clever Design And Storage Solutions


An adventurous spirit needs matching accommodation. In the case of a traveler, the statement turns into reality with an awesome mobile tiny home. But this isn’t your ordinary cottage on wheels. The home you can see in the pictures is superb and spacious at the same time! Open bedroom, full-option kitchen, as well as bathroom, lounge space that doubles as a desk area. The 10 feet high home has all the comfort a normal apartment would offer. Starting from the kitchen which features a double sink, lots of counter space, a full-sized fridge, to the bathroom that includes a shower, toilet, a double sink, and washer & dryer combo. The cozy bedroom is situated in a loft area located at the end of a beautiful hardwood stairs which has plenty of storage space underneath. The entire home is engulfed in lots of gorgeous natural light!









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  1. Flora Ammanna says:

    Really its an awesome idea.

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