A Cute Little Camper


Having the chance to explore a lot of places and still be at home is something you don’t experience often… Unless you have a small “log cabin” on wheels! The one you see in the pictures was a perfect match for the scenery in Teller County, Colorado. The walls, doors and drawers have the same tanned hides theme. And when you have the opportunity to explore Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, or Cripple Creek, only you need is a simple comfortable bed and a modest kitchen in order to have a lovely dinner and relax, preparing for a next day of adventures and exploration. Give this mobile log cabin a quick look to get a better picture of what you could expect if you decide to opt for this solution next time you plan on seeing the country. Share the info with your friends so they too can get this awesome chance.



teller-county-3 source: 2010liberty.wordpress.com

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  1. ann says:

    So can we rent this camper. We are looking to rent b one for a few months

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