A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car

Unlike most tents that is only meant for sleeping, CARSULE provides you with a living room in the outdoors, and offers mobility since the simple installation makes the movement possible and easy.

The cubic shape allows for 2-meter standing height making the interior a suitable space for a wide range of indoor activities. Not only can you sleep in the CARSULE, you can also sit up and stand in the area as the large space accommodates a wide range of motions. The CARSULE is designed for cars that have a tailgate that swings up. Many hatchbacks, minivans, MPVs, SUVs or station wagons have this kind of rear door. In its “up” orientation, the door serves as structural support for the CARSULE.


5 Responses to “A Pop-Up Cabin for your Car”

  1. Mary Anne Wilson says:

    Please send purchase information and details about the types of autos it will fit.

    Thank you

  2. Helen says:

    Interested in purchase.

  3. Jeroldean Jackson says:

    I order and paid for one never received it was ripped off

  4. Brenda Norton says:

    How do you keep the back luggage area open and not run down the battery to the car?

  5. Elona Shepperd says:

    I ordered one of these 6mts ago and never received it. #M220N02G

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