A remote island in Ireland is looking for 2 friends to live there for free and run its coffee shop

For 2022 would you be interested?

How would you like to live on a remote dream island, and run a business there? Sound like a dream, which can become true with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Great Blasket Island can be found in Ireland, and there is a job opening there for 2 persons for 6 months. The job consists of running the local coffee shop and manage the accommodations on the isolated island, from April to October. There is a trick though, as the island has no electricity of Wi-Fi and only a limited amount of drinking water so it would be more suitable for those who prefer an off-the-grid type of lifestyle. The island looks dreamy though and is surrounded by pristine waters and the home of beautiful hills.

Great Blasket Island is off the western coast of Ireland. Noel O Neill – Lens Alive / Shutterstock

Great Blasket Island is also known for its wildlife, but unfortunately, it has a rough terrain which is the reason why it only has 160 remaining residents. Because of the island’s peculiarities, it is an interesting place to visit for those who seek adventure and a break from modern holidays. It can also be an interesting experience to run a coffee shop in such a remote place and those interested can apply via info@greatblasketisland.net.

** Job Vacancy **

A unique position required – looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends accommodation and food provided.

for 2022 would you be interested?

53 Responses to “A remote island in Ireland is looking for 2 friends to live there for free and run its coffee shop”

  1. Cameron Brass says:

    I’m an Orkadian Canadian I have my UK passport
    Full me in!?

  2. Debi Prater says:

    I’ve worked and managed restaurants for a very long time.

  3. Julianna LaBrake says:

    I am a homesteader currently and I’m highly interested in this position.

  4. Megan Williams says:

    Hi there.

    I noticed this vacancy is old now, are you still looking for staff?

  5. Hannah Colon says:

    Can I bring my dog?

  6. Heather Couchenour says:


  7. Clara gark says:

    Interested in the job if still available.

  8. Joanna Dolubizno says:

    General manager of 32 bedroom Hotel currently.
    Planning for next year season.
    I would be delighted to take up a proposed position in 2021 season
    Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience vie above email or by phone call on 0834660994
    Kindest Regards

  9. Kiara turner says:

    Very interested in management position 0458338224

  10. Kathleen Turner says:

    Would love this job

  11. SHAUN Morrissey says:

    I’ll do it

  12. Paula says:

    Would love to run your business and make it successful.

  13. Lyn Andrews says:

    I have closed my Health Juice Bar in a beautiful little village in St Francis Bay in South Africa…sue to Covid19 ….and am very interested (and available) in the adventure / opportunity

  14. Lee Bolin says:

    It appears that this opportunity has passed.
    Any future dates available?

  15. Alexzandra says:

    I would love to give this a shot. It seems like an amazing opportunity and a great experience.

  16. Javier says:

    Why not give it a shot?

  17. Roben Rice says:

    We are intrested in this job. We have been married for 38 years. Ready to slow done.

    Thank you Roben Rice

  18. Tammie smith says:

    I want to apply

  19. Jonathan says:

    This sound like a dream for me my girlfriend and dogs ..🤗

  20. Chris eaton says:

    we would love to live on the island ….we have experience in
    running resturanrs and coffee shops

  21. Keith Glasser says:

    My wife and I would love to do this

  22. Jose a lua says:

    Hi I’m interesting in this job on that island. Do you have vacancy that position. Just let me know.

  23. Lydia Loader says:

    Hi There,
    I seen your advert from a friend.
    I would love opportunity to apply for this.
    I have worked for Jamie Oliver for over 9years and can make a great coffee.
    My mum sadly has Dementia through lockdown I applied for carework so could see her in carehome.
    It’s been long hard roller coaster and just would love to get away for some time.
    I have American friend who may also like opportunity as she has lost her job through covid19 been out work for 6months.
    She has experience with management and running catering business.
    Kind regards Lydia Loader

  24. Terri Saffery says:

    I’d leave in a heartbeat

  25. Kerrie crank says:

    Hi I am very interested in this if it is legitimate. I have recently given up 16years of care as feel I want something more now and different.

  26. Elisabeth nogales says:

    I like it, i do it

  27. Gorka says:

    Wishing be there next season

  28. Maureen Doborwicz says:

    I’m a Murphy ! I love coffee ! And available soon as possible !! Contact me please

  29. Yet says:

    Hi is this still available?

  30. Robert Dingle says:

    IMe and my girlfriend would love this vacancy. She has 6 years experience as a waitress and I have much experience working in shops and retail. We would love to be off grid for a few months and enjoy the place,people and scenery. 🙂

  31. Shavonne Parker says:

    I wood love to do this need to get away just lost my boyfriend in a kayaking accent hes been lost for 1 month and a week now need change of scenery and change im going nuts and out iff place with out him here i have never been out of state of Washington i live on the Peninsula Port Angeles WA it wood be a amazing change and a new journey i really wood love to do this im 41 yrs old kids are grown so its just me all alone id love to do something for me for once n my life

  32. Lisa jones says:

    We and my husband would love to do this. He has always wanted to go to ireland 😀

  33. lilleth says:

    is this for real?

  34. Iain Dixon says:

    I’m used to living off grid I live on a boat. I’m an excellent cook and enjoy coffee

  35. Kimberly White Chritensen says:

    In a heart beat, I’d pack my bags tomorrow .

  36. Reychelle velez says:

    Im willing to applied for the position.. Hiping for. Your feedbacks.. Willing to send my resume online.. Thanks and God bless

  37. Sheralee Knowles says:

    I’m up for the adventure & will do barista training before I come if you choose me!

  38. tadeu passarelli says:

    I sm Braxilisn, I can get an Italian Passport. IN May I will be in Ireland, depending on getting a ferry service for my motorhome from finland to Ireland. I am a musician, an orquestra an choir conductor. I poay 9 insgrume ts and can give lesson on anyone. That’s why I have to com with may motorhome: all my instruje ts are inside it. And I sleep there. Hope you cna consider my case.

  39. Stephaney says:

    I’m IN!!!!
    What would you line in your coffee!!!!

  40. Patricia Carla says:

    I’d Love to apply.

  41. T.Venkatesan says:

    i am interested in this opportunity

  42. Ana Teresa says:

    I Feel sad that I Just mottice This. Are te montagem still avalable ?
    I work the past 5 years working onde restaurstulion
    And Aldo Às recepcionist for some restaurants
    I m portugueses, i speak native ehglish. Also fresnch. Spanish and italian basic/ comercial.
    I Love to coolk a lot of dirent meals. From tradicional to trendy experiênces. I got also obter skills .like sewing.paimtimg. doping a lot of artsand crsfts.
    I like team work. I write for Friend coming with
    Me as duo. He hisr eally stong and skilled doing repsirs.slso
    And Been manager onde some small bakery. Hehe also hás been a taxi driver. And deliverydriver for the past 20 years

  43. Adi says:

    I am definitely interested in being considered for this exciting opening. The lifestyle is what i am craving for!

  44. Susie and Poppy says:

    I make great arm pit meatballs, if want to know what the secret recipe is ,mail me.

  45. Tig Aalbers says:

    I see this is for this past season, are you hiring for next season yet??

  46. The Who says:

    I only make 2 cups of coffee per day and I don’t roll out of bed no sooner than 10:00 am. I need cream in my coffee and YOU must supply the cow or goat as it seems that there will be no refrigerator. Does the local store have “Everything” bagels? If not that’s a deal breaker. Send first and last months pay in advance.
    Take care and stay safe,
    Capt. Paul

  47. Paul says:

    I use a coffee press and grind my own beans. I only make (2) cups per day and only roll out of bed after 10:00 am. I require cream in my coffee so YOU must supply the cow or the goat as it looks like there is no refrigerator. Does the local store have “Everything” bagels? I hope so because if not that’s a deal breaker. Please send me the first and last months paycheck in advance.
    Take care and stay safe,

  48. dyljohbar says:

    Why are all of you commenters applying here? What makes you think the advertisers will see your comments? Surely it’s obvious that you need to apply to the actual advert if you’re interested and not leave random comments under an article on a news site?!?! Unbelievable.

  49. Beth says:

    Well, I’ve worked for ‘the’ coffee shop for over 13 years. I know how to make coffee and just about any coffee beverage. Now if I can get another volunteer to join me….

  50. Stan says:

    Anybody that is trying to apply here, since this is a publication about the job, not from the poster of the job, is automatically disqualified.

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