A Small White House In The Woods of Sweden


The quality and beauty of Swedish design is well-known, but still each and every design from that country continues to amaze us. This 613 square feet tiny house can be found in the Swedish woods and it is truly amazing. The house has a single floor plan and a very clean and neat style. It was built in 1975, but redesigned recently and it features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The view from the house is beautiful and the furnished porch looks very cozy and is ideal for moments of relaxation. Let’s take a look inside, where the white interior is completed nicely with the warm earthly colors and the large living room is simply dreamy. The kitchen is decorated is a simple but still modern way and the lighting systems used are perfect for a late dinner or cooking session. All in all, the entire house looks perfect and it would be great to spend some time there, even for a short period of time.







  • Fencing in Orange County on said:

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    • Marie Andersson Stackbom on said:

      It´s a composting toilet, no water required. Quite common in rural areas för a holiday cabin. There is heavy costs för waste disposal, Waste tanks are not allowed in Sweden anymore, you have to have a ground filtration system or a “reactor” filtration that lets out clean water.

  • Lee Ann Gerleman on said:

    I love this little house and I could be very comfortable there, I would replace the white floors in the living room (also on the porch part under the roof overhang with thick mass cement floors, in a darker color. I also have dogs so white wouldn’t be real intelligent. LOL. but increasing the mass in the floors would make a big difference in heat in the winter.

  • Very lovely modern style cottage or getaway but not very practical for every day living or entertaining large groups, especially for a family. No matter where you sit the living/family room setup doesn’t allow you to view much of the t.v with out kinking up your neck.
    I also have 2 toddlers and I feel like I would lose my sanity trying to keep this place clean with all the white. But I do love all the windows though and the deck allows for some gorgeous views.

  • Lonni Hillman on said:

    This house is beautiful and invites one to relax and is of such sleek design. But – where is the laundry room? Did I miss something?

  • Well I think this is simply amazing. I absolutely love it!! I’m single and have no family so it would perfect for me!! The only thing I would change is the white floor, to maybe a light oak wood floor. I have a dog. But everything being white is what makes it look so big.

  • Steven Warmbier on said:

    OK design, too much space wasted in hallway. Bedrooms are too small. Could get better size feel with a great room. I did two bedrooms, one bath with full size kitchen in Long Beach in 585 square feet that most thought was a thousand.

  • Compact home with charm. I like it. Not knowing area measurements, limited my tendencies to virtually personalize or create possibilities

    • Marie Andersson Stackbom on said:

      about 100 000 euros. A lot of small housebuilding companies do these kind of houses.



  • This is a swedish sommer house “sommarstuga”, not a permantent housing. Where you go on weekends, and holidays.Just lovely!

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