A Solar-Powered E-Bike


Have you ever heard about a solar bike? A creative engineer from Copenhagen, named Jesper Frausig, thought about this idea and designed an amazing solar-powered bike. He came up with this idea in order to give people an alternative for the electric bikes, which can take a lot of time until completely recharged. The solar bike uses the power of the sun and once it charges itself, it can be rid for over 40 miles. The solar bike is charged through the cells that can be found in its wheels and once you park it these cells will start absorbing the sunlight. As a bonus, the lights of the bike are also solar-powered so it a truly environmentally friendly vehicle and perfect for nature lovers. So far, the bike is just a prototype, but we hope this great product will hit the markets soon, so everyone can have access to this amazing design.




2 Responses to “A Solar-Powered E-Bike”

  1. Audrey Miller says:

    This is amazing, a very creative way of thinking. This idea is so unique, I really like it. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Rosemary Bibler says:

    Love the idea of the solitary bike. It cuts down on emissions on the environment.

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