A Stay-Home Mom Has the Hardest Job, According to One Study

Have you ever complained that your job is the hardest? Well, probably we’ve all been there, but this new study might just change the perspective. Even though having a child is a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with joy, which cannot be understood until you don’t become a parent yourself.
Now there is a study that also proves that being a stay-at-home mom might be the hardest job on this planet. Studies have shown that being a full-time parent is full of challenges and equals a full-time job, and not an easy one.
After analyzing 1,500 parents, the study concluded that being a stay-at-home parent is much harder than being a working one. The results have also managed to shift the working parents’ perspective, and gain more respect for stay-at-home parents. And even though having all the time for yourself and your child, is a true gift, being engaged in full-time activities with a baby can be exhausting.
Another important aspect to take in mind is that stay-at-home parents do not have health or other benefits working parents can enjoy, which makes it harder for them to take time off when needed.
There is also no option to refuse to do a task or quit the job, as parenting is a commitment for life and there is no stepping down from it.

“The study indicated that stay-at-home parents are more stressed-out than parents who work.”

Life Changes Due to the Pandemic
Lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in closed offices and schools. This caused many working parents to either lose their jobs or switch to working from home. At the same time, parents needed to take on additional childcare duties and/or oversee their child’s schooling. These radical, often overwhelming life shifts caused many working parents to reduce their hours or quit their jobs entirely and become de facto stay-at-home parents.

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