A Wonderful Haven In The Treetops


Travelling around the countryside requires a downgrade from your normal urban lifestyle. Or does it? If you’re not willing to give up the comfort of your normal daily life, even for a weekend, you don’t have to. A luxury mobile suite gives you the opportunity to keep a high standard of living while still being free to travel around the country. The AKA Mobile Suite can be taken for a journey of 5 days to your favorite canyon, mountain top or ocean beachfront in a comfy habitat. The neutral colors of its interior design contrast with the surrounding landscape giving you a boost to go outside, explore and enjoy some surfing, wine tastings, or other hikes or concerts, according to what you like most on a short vacation. The Nespresso coffee machine, Bulgari bath amenities, and other kind of popular brand decorations and furniture will transport your normal urban style pretty close. Check out the photos…

Location: Almke near Wolfsburg, Germany








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  1. lisa says:

    does this treehouse sight have any booklets that you send out in the mail

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