Adam Sheet Is a Translucent and Washable Fabric Made of Recycled Apple Waste

Studio Sozai Center, in collaboration with KOMORU Corporation and M&T, has innovatively addressed the environmental challenge posed by discarded apple waste in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, one of the country’s primary apple-producing regions. The solution, known as Adam Sheet, is a translucent and washable fabric made entirely from 100 percent recycled apple pomace. This sustainable material retains the natural reddish-brown hue of the fruit, showcasing Studio Sozai Center’s commitment to preserving the essence of the source material. The fabrication process involves collecting apple pomace from local farmers, transforming it into a fine powder, and then developing it into a washable material without the use of artificial coloring. The resulting Adam Sheet exhibits water and scratch resistance, making it suitable for a range of applications, from apparel to indoor furniture.

Studio Sozai Center has already demonstrated the versatility of Adam Sheet by creating a card case and crossbody pouch, both available for purchase. The products not only showcase the translucent and organic nature of the recycled apple waste material but also offer practical utility. The card case, with front and back pockets, accommodates up to four cards while subtly revealing them through the translucent fabric. Similarly, the crossbody pouch, designed for travel convenience, can hold smartphones, cards, and a passport. As part of responsible ownership, users are advised to avoid contact with certain substances, such as oil, perfume, and cosmetics, to maintain the integrity of the material. Looking ahead, Studio Sozai Center plans to expand its range of Adam Sheet products, emphasizing their dedication to ongoing contributions to the regional apple waste problem through sustainable and innovative solutions.

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