Adorable 84-Year-Old Blind Parrot Finally Finds His Forever Home in the Netherlands

Koko, the adorable 84-year-old blind parrot, has finally found his forever home in the Netherlands with Ashvin Ghisyawan and Linda Lin. Despite his age and blindness, Koko’s vibrant personality shines through, bringing joy to his new owners and followers alike. Born in 1940, Koko had a tumultuous journey before landing in the loving care of Ash and Lin. From spending his early years in a flower shop to enduring uncertain ownership transitions, Koko’s resilience is evident. Sadly, there are suspicions that Koko may have experienced mistreatment in the past, but now, under the compassionate care of Ash and Lin, he flourishes. Their Instagram account showcases Koko’s zest for life, often capturing moments of him joyfully flapping his wings, squawking with delight, and relishing in neck scratches, proving that age and adversity cannot diminish his spirit.

Despite his blindness, Koko remains an active participant in life, engaging with other parrots and demonstrating a youthful exuberance that belies his senior status. Ash and Linda’s dedication to providing Koko with a fulfilling life is evident, as they ensure he is surrounded by love, care, and companionship. Through their Instagram account, followers can witness the heartwarming bond between Koko and his owners, as well as their other exotic bird companions. Koko’s story serves as a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of love and compassion. As Koko continues to thrive in his forever home, his journey inspires others to cherish and advocate for the well-being of all creatures, regardless of age or ability.

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