Adorable Crochet Skirt, Hat and Bag Set for Little Girls – Free Pattern


Crochet tutorials are always great, as you can learn new pattern and find inspiration for your next projects. From this next tutorial you will learn how to make a cute crochet set (skirt, bag and hat) for your little girl. This is a great project for a weekend and your little girl is going to fall in love with these lovely pieces. To make the skirt, hat and bag you will need lots of yarn in the color of your choice and crochet needles. After that all you need to do is follow the pattern and the instructions that come with it and carefully crochet these sweet pieces. The cute strawberry decoration on each item is what makes them really special, but you can of course decorate each piece in any kind of fashion you wish.





Free pattern by Olga Verenich  – translated


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  1. Stefan Bredenkamp says:

    i am trying to download the pattern for the adorable crochet skirt, hat and bag set for little ladies, but it doesnt want to download – please advice

  2. kobie says:

    Awsome site

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