Alaskan Pioneer Builds Rolling Log Cabin on a 1996 Ford F-350

Man spends $26,000 transforming pick-up into dream motorhome with porch

A log cabin on wheels sounds like a strange concept, but it can work if built by some capable hands.
This awesome small log cabin in the back of a 1996 Ford F-350 truck was built in Alaska and is owned by Tim Johnson.

He invested only $26,000 in his dream house and the truck is also included in this price. Tim wanted to have mobility and the comfort of a larger log house, so he added a stove, 2 couches, a television, and a toilet to his home on wheels.

Before buying the truck, he owned a Toyota and after selling it, invested $13,000 in buying the truck. The log house that you can see in the pictures is the result of three months-work and Tim did everything by himself.
Luckily, he learned the art of working with wood from his father, who was a carpenter and thought him some useful skills while growing up.

He is delighted by the result and the truck gives him de independence he was longing for.



6 Responses to “Alaskan Pioneer Builds Rolling Log Cabin on a 1996 Ford F-350”

  1. Wayne Tryhorn says:

    I fkin love it what a cool idea good in ya man hope your travels all go well !

  2. Cheryl Collins says:

    Gorgeous! Would love that! Great investment…home on wheels.

  3. Nemo says:

    I luv it! But
    Do it with a 4WD van and you can get in the back without getting cold.

  4. Bobbie Woodruff says:

    Is he married? And if not does he want to be?

  5. kimberly arnoult says:

    talented and cozy

  6. Jack Vann says:

    This is an awesome travel home.

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