Amazing Aquarium Bed Headboard


Literally sleep with the fishes with this amazing aquarium bed headboard. This massive 650 gallon aquarium is completely custom made to give your bedroom a one of a kind aquatic look, and can probably double as a swimming pool if you feel like swimming with your pets. The 650-gallon tank spans the top of the bed, and rests on a pair of matching tables on either side. The aquarium bed is one of the most extravagant headboards on the face of the planet and probably comes pretty close to resembling where the mighty Poseidon slumbers. The folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers, who created this masterpiece, have cleverly integrated a set of bedside lamps into the tank itself. But for $11,500, let’s hope there’s some way to completely darken the tank.

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4 Responses to “Amazing Aquarium Bed Headboard”

  1. sarina says:

    This look maybe nice , but I don’t think somebody wants a bed like this one

  2. fisf says:

    Hell yeah I want that bed

  3. steve says:

    Put this on a waterbed.. Lol

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