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This amazing and luxurious house is owned by a Turkish businessman. His fantastic villa is located in Çeşme, Izmir, and has one of the most incredible fences we’ve ever seen. The fence is 8 years old. Back then he decided to replace the metal structure with a more bold and eccentric one, a 50-meter-long aquarium. We bet you haven’t seen anything like that before. The property is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea and, in time, his house became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. His fish-tank fence is inhabited by many different species which come from the Aegean Sea, and thus the house itself is also pretty impressive, it goes on unnoticed by the tourists. As the owner says, although it seams a that the design is an intricate one, this didn’t represent the hardest part when building the house. In fact, the tricky part was to think about a system that will link the house with the Aegean Sea. The solution was the building of a 400-meter-long underground pipeline, in order to always have fresh water in the aquarium, coming directly from the sea. The costs of the project were somewhere up to $21.000 and the owner had to hire professional divers for the job. He says that the fact his house is so popular with tourists makes him even happier. This aquarium fence was a dream come true for him and although the whole structure is closely surveyed by 17 cameras, tourists can still take pictures and record videos of the fence when visiting it.
In case you are going to Çeşme, make sure to drop by this amazing house and take as many photos as you can.











3 Responses to “Amazing Aquarium Fence”

  1. RandomPersonSmarterThanYou says:

    I wonder if the sun can harm them. I know fish doesn’t exactly get sunburn out in nature, but here they can’t just dive deeper to hide. And how about temperature control?

  2. Jean says:

    Yeah, not loving this idea 🙁 The fish are packed in there, and there is literally nothing for them to do but to swim around and around all day long. No foliage, no rocks, no natural interaction, nothing. And like RandomPerson said, there is nothing to block the sun. They can’t go any deeper. Temperature regulation would have to be a concern.

    Also, with that many fish, how can you be sure all of them are getting fed? They probably have to pull dead fish out of this thing daily.

    Not a fan.

  3. betta aquarium says:

    I am not against the agree with the objects you suggested.

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