Amazing Bed in a Box


Lots of us have issues regarding the amount of space available at one time in our home. Designers struggle with thinking about new and ingenious ways to achieve the feeling of space while still providing with the functionalities you seek in a home. Who would have thought that a wooden chest can be the solution you are searching for? The piece of furniture you actually see in the photos is actually a bed! Taking it out, piece by piece, the `bed in a box` can be exactly what you want in terms of space and utility. As you can easily see from the pictures provided, it is quite simple to assemble the pieces together and have a nice bed as a result. Then just place an air mattress over the frame and your bed is ready for use! And you only have to do this when you want a bed. At other times, it can be just a wooden chest. Now if all other pieces of furniture had this clever design that will be great!













  • marc Potgieter on said:

    Are you selling the plans. I would so love one for my place. Its a 1 bedroom place and its small, so this would work! Would make it myself

    I am in South Africa

  • Schnee Wolfe on said:

    People looking for plans, check out this article. From the article, there is no one at the present time making them for sale. This is a purely diy project. The person who wrote the article has plans. I haven’t a use for something like this, just posting to help others.


  • Christine on said:

    King Plans

    Double Plans

    $10.43 for Pdf and sketchup of both.

  • would like the plans for this. Have grandkids coming and going for visits. Would really like to build one of these. Have Hubby build it. Thanks

  • And here is a set of the plans created (with permission) from the creator’s work

    Original article –

  • Rich Vail on said:

    The designer is a guy named Robert MacPherson who designed it to be able to take to Pennsic a medieval week long get together…and being older didn’t want to sleep on the ground! Here’s a link to plans for it by another cabinetmaker as Mr. MacPherson has chosen not to publish plans, he has however given permission for others to reengineer it:

  • PrivatesRaven on said:

    If you do not mind building it yourself or having someone build it for you there are plans available for just a few $’s.

    Look for Bed-In-A-Box #098 for king size or #099 for double bed size on

  • Milinda Houlette on said:

    Woodchuck writes: Hi everyone. As promised I have finished the plan for the Bed-in-A-Box. It is available at
    I have set up an additional discount code just for followers of Fine Woodworking. Enter FWWREADERS at checkout to receive an additional 20% off the already low price. I would love to see and post pictures on the website for anyone that builds the Bed-In-A-Box. Happy holidays and all the best for 2014.

    Bruce (Wood Chuck)

    P.S. – Some of us are tenacious enough to seek out originating sites, especially when we discover that we are blocked from copying and pasting information to other people. Good Home Designs has earned coal in their stocking for this Christmas for being a Scrooge.

    Milinda (Cherokee Redbird)

    • So that’s putting it nicely. To steal someone’s ideas and then grumble about people wanting to copy! They should have gotten the OK and posted a link to the original website to be responsible” DESIGNERS”.

  • Fletch on said:

    It’s a great idea but not original. Wealthy British explorers used this general mechanism in the 17/18/1900s when “campaigning”. Think the elaborate camping tours in India, safari tents in Africa, etc.You can occasionally find antiques of the same idea but with canvas cot built in in lieu of mattress.

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