Amazing Bike Folds into a Backpack


How great it would be to be able to carry your bike around wherever you go? Just pack it and go on adventures and hikes with your bike on your back. That’s exactly what the company called Bergmönch thought about when they developed this awesome bike that folds into a backpack, named Bergmönch Bike. The company is located in Schrattenbach, Austria, which has designed this bike that can be folded and worn as a backpack. Perfect for camping and hiking, this backpack becomes a bicycle in just a few minutes. The Bergmönch weighs 9.5kg and has an ingenious design with a telescopic frame that becomes a downhill bike in just 2 minutes. It also has a storage compartment capable of transporting up to 12 liters of supply. To learn more about this amazing product, visit the following link.


Amazing-Bike-Folds-into-a-Backpack-2 Amazing-Bike-Folds-into-a-Backpack-3

Amazing-Bike-Folds-into-a-Backpack-4 Amazing-Bike-Folds-into-a-Backpack-5

Price: Only $1,499.00 instead of $1,899.00 ($400 saved!)

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