Amazing Kitchens Design With Rustic Elements


Building your own home is an exciting experience not many people have the luck to go through. It’s not `a walk in the park` either, but the beauty of preparing your own nest has almost no comparison in the world. Each room must be designed to fit you needs and desires and the outside should please you every time you come back from work or other activities. And if you like the rustic ambiance of things, a log home is perfect for you! In this sort of environment, a special care is given to kitchens. Most of the times, they are open rooms, to enhance the feeling of space and to link the place in which you prepare meals, with the living area, where inhabitants and guests alike share their stories and experiences. The roughness of logs is counterbalanced by carefully picked furniture and often handcrafted counters and/or cabinets.


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You could blend the rustic element with modern appliances and gadgets. Nobody says you can’t have a hi-tech stove or refrigerator if you live in a log home. A unique handcrafted island in your kitchen is something you might want to consider. Either way, personalizing the space is a must. Find inspiration in all of these wonderful log homes. Amaze others with the interior design you come up with and build the home of your dreams. Good luck!

kitchen-home-design-rustic-island source —> Rustic Houses Design Ideas

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