Amazing Realistic Oil Painting On Canvas by Ran Ortner


Realistic painting is the new thing in art. Besides the fact it is utterly amazing to see one of them from close range, the level of complexity required in such a painting really sets the artist apart from other painters. It is said that pictures can capture the soul of things, but a painter like Ran Ortner, with the level of skill shown here, can achieve exactly the same result. The Brooklyn, New York winner of ArtPrize 2009 has managed to do an incredibly realistic depiction of nature that everyone likes more and more as they have the opportunity to see one of his works. This has led to a great demand for his art, which often leaves him unable to meet the pleura of requests. This might be the price paid by the artist who has created something deeply moving. Let yourself engulfed by the beauty of his painting. Does it inspire you?

Deep Water, oil on canvas, 72″ x 288″






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  1. Michèle Huard says:

    This is precisely of I wished to capture and render, the movement, the light and the depth..BREYOND AMAZING It makes the heart sing!

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