Amazing Sand Art


Who thought the beach wasn’t a place for art, might reconsider when they see this impressive collection of sand castles! The intricate architecture is the first thing that might impress you. But the wonderful sand castles are not only a pleasure for your eyes. They also encompass the artistic side of leisure time spent at the beach. You might try to replicate one of the ideas featured, but we warn you it takes some artistic skill and a lot of patience. Besides the usual water and shovel to use with sand,some additional tools might be needed. Also, painted `rooftops` were used to make the structures look more realistic. Some of the works seem like they are drawn out from the fairy tale books. Be sure you see all of them before your next trip to the seaside. This way, you might appreciate the simple sand castle more.







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  1. priya says:

    realy love it very much

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