Amazing Wood Furniture for every Part of Your Home

If your house also respects wood, then you will definitely love the following pieces of art that double as furniture. The artist who created of all this is named Piotr Wojtanowski. He designed bookshelves, tables, beds and even entire terraces out of wood and gave them this particular magic. Look at the amazing looking curves and shapes that might seem like an optical illusion at first but prove to be just great handling of wood. The material that seems so static is transformed in the hands of the artist. A few piece of furniture like the ones shown in the images will improve the look of your interior home design. Browse through the works done by Wojtanowski and feel inspired by them.

Kitchen Furniture

©Piotr Wojtanowski

©Piotr Wojtanowski

Bedroom Furniture


©Piotr Wojtanowski

Office / Desk Furniture

Stairs / Balcony

©Piotr Wojtanowski

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  1. Heather M MacLean says:

    I love how this thinking is outside the box! Keep up the beautiful art 🙂

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