Amazing Wood Sculptures Carved to Look Like Figures Are Trapped Inside

Woodcarving is a craft that’s hard to master, as it takes several years and lots of hard work to become a pro. Of course, if paired with passion, the result will be amazing and some stunning pieces will be born.

Tung Ming-Chin is a Taiwanese artist, who transforms wood with such an intense feeling that it can be easily said that his sculptures have souls. His pieces represent delicately polished, smooth surfaces that hide figures underneath them. The figures are not easy to spot, but once you managed to see them, you can’t take your eyes away from them.

Ming-Chin’s figures all seem to be trapped underneath the softwood and are trying to free themselves. All of his works are metaphors and represent the inner life of humans and the artist, blending art with reality and filling the physical space. His most well-known works are Breath and Inner Turmoil, both dealing with the condition of humans in modern times and exploring the tumultuous inner life of the trapped figures.

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  1. Nancy Sheridan says:

    These are way beyond Beautiful.when I hit the lottery.i want one r two

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