Animation Shows How Bridges Were Built in 14th-Century Prague

If bridges are your favorite architectural elements, you probably wonder a lot about how the most iconic bridges of our time were built?
Engineering and Architecture has an amazing animation about how the Charles Bridge from Prague was built in the 14th century and it can teach you a lot about these constructions.
The bridge from the Czech capital was built between 1357-1402 and is one of the top attractions of the city and featured on lots of postcards and souvenirs.
The bridge crosses the Vltava river and is 1,700 feet long and 33 feet wide and the video presents the entire process of the building of the bridge over half a century. Its construction started with the individual footings and continued with the draining of water from each one’s interior.
There have been temporary wooden frames installed to help the building of the arches and the animation even presents the final touches of adding the pavement on the bridge. Watch the video to see more about how this stunning bridge was built in a time when technology was not as advanced as today, but still, the result turned out to be stunning.

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