Art of Gardening: Amazing Green Dragon Hedge


A rich grown bush will get you in the local news for sure. But fashioning it into a majestic figure or character will get you fame across the internet beside the local word-of-mouth. John Brooker managed to trim his 20-feet high hedge into an artistic dragon and in the process succeeded to enroll it in the list of wonderful garden designs. What started like an ordinary cleaning activity around the yard, Brooker, a senior white-bearded man, took his time to design something unique in the Norfolk landscape. And we do mean TIME, because the beautiful 100-feet long result you see in the photos took a whole decade’s work. If you seek to impress your neighbors and only use your patience and artistic skills (we all have them) during the project, than this is the perfect example to guide yourself by. The head, flames out of the nostrils, wings, legs and teeth will surprise people who take a walk nearby and met it for the first time. Be inspired by this magnificent dragon trimmed out of a regular hedgerow and improve your own garden design.

Photo © Damien Mcfadden

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Gardner-shapes-dragon-hedge-1 Photo © Damien Mcfadden

Gardner-shapes-dragon-hedge-2 Photo © Damien Mcfadden

Gardner-shapes-dragon-hedge-3 Photo © Damien Mcfadden

Gardner-shapes-dragon-hedge-4 Photo © Damien Mcfadden

Gardner-shapes-dragon-hedge-5 Photo © Damien Mcfadden


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  1. Julia says:

    Spectacular. Worth a decade of clipping

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