Artist Arranges Stones and Leaves Into Mesmerizing Mandalas and Spirals

Land art is among the most ephemeral forms of art, as many times the force of nature is more powerful than the artist’s creation and the piece vanishes forever. Land artists tend to choose spaces where they have lots of natural resources at their disposal, and the beach seems to be one perfect spot for them.
James Brunt is an artist who uses sticks, stones, and other materials found near the seashores to create amazing mandalas, spirals, and all sorts of mystical sculptures. Although Brunt prefers sandy beaches as a spot to install his sculptures, he used parks and schoolyards to express his artistic creations in the past.
Brunt always uses materials from the piece’s location and incorporates them into his installations and in this way ordinary things such as rocks and twigs acquire artistic value.
He always captures his installations on camera when they are finished, making a lasting memory this way and documenting it for posterity.
It is the only way to capture these passing moments in time and remember their majesty for the years to come.

James Brunt: Website 

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