Artist Cuts Elaborate Designs With Astounding Details From Single Sheets of Paper

Paper is such a great crafts supply and a very versatile medium that is used by many artists. It is hard to see potential in a simple white sheet of paper, but Pippa Dyrlaga is an artist who recognized the infinite number of possibilities.
Dyrlaga, an artist based in Yorkshire, England, has mastered the art of paper cut-outs and she has been creating these works for more than 10 years now.
Her designs and delicate and complex, and all of Dyrlaga’s cut-outs are made from one sheet of paper, using a precision knife, and investing many hours into each piece.
The process starts with her drawing the outlines of each design and cutting each piece and element with the knife, to create the fragile pieces. Once the work is finished, Dyrlaga turns the cut-out over as everything is done in reverse and carefully examines each detail.
Her work is inspired by the English countryside and nature is a recurring element in the artist’s works.
From delicate flowers to sea creatures and even more complex sceneries, these cut-outs are here to remind that talent paired with patience can make an artist unstoppable.

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