Artist Draws Intricate Rose Made of Thousands of Tiny “Lost Souls”

Richard Berner is a UK-based artist who makes you come back several times to his works, as they all hide tiny details which might not be visible at a first glance. His pen illustrations and intricate representations of common things, but hide lots of clever details. Berner was an art student in Brighton when he discovered his love for pen illustrations and started drawing tiny, ghost-like shapes.
He calls these little creatures “champs”, “lost souls” and even “lemmings”. Berner arranges these small figures in different patterns, such as skulls or roses, and at a first glance, you can only see the big picture. But once you take a closer look, you will notice the tiny ghost, staring at you with their specific expression.
The best part when it comes to Berner’s works is that you can never get tired of them, as each piece reveals more of itself every time you take a closer look.
If you want to learn more about the artist and his fascinating work, check out Richard Berner’s Instagram profile where he posted several videos featuring his creations.

You can purchase prints and original artwork via Berner’s website, and keep up to date with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.

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